Stowe House Wedding Photography. | Lucy and Sean.

Wedding photography at the iconic Stowe house, a beautiful setting for Lucy and Sean’s big day.


Stowe house wedding photography

As Everyone knows who have visited the stunning landscape gardens at Stowe,  the incredible house that sits across the lakes is a splendid sight. The towering columns and majestic staircase of the south portico that leads to the marble saloon is amazing to see.

Lucy and Sean chose this stunning venue to host their wedding and what an awesome wedding it was. The day started with Lucy’s preparations at her nearby house then swiftly moved onto the chapel at Stowe. The chapel is a stones throw from the main house and is also a beautiful grand building.

Wedding photography at Stowe house is truly a fun experience, aided by the golf buggy tour of the fabulous landscape gardens.  We were able to take portraits at all of the best spots in the grounds including the many temples, lakes and bridges. After the wedding breakfast I headed out to the north front to take some shots of the wedding party before the evening reception got underway.

Many thanks to Lucy and Sean who were absolutely amazing , they  both looked  stunning and really made me feel so welcome, it was a very special day. x

Wedding photography at Stowe house.

Stowe house wedding photographer : Ian Worth Photography

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Crockwell Farm Wedding Photography | Lizzie & Ben

Crockwell farm wedding photography was one of my many highlights from 2017 and it was a real joy to cover Ben and Lizzie’s big day at such a stunning and laid back venue. Although the day was extremely windy, it didn’t stop everyone making full use of the lovely Northamptonshire grounds with which crockwell farm is situated. Please scroll down to take a look at lizzie and Bens wedding photography at Crockwell farm.








Wedding photography at crockwell farm


The day started with Lizzie’s preparations at Crockwell farm where Lizzie and her bridesmaids were all helping each other get ready for what was about to become an awesome wedding. After capturing the fun of the preparations I headed of to the Royal oak pub in Eydon where Ben and the guy’s were have a quick pint to calm the nerves. It’s a lovely pub and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you are ever in the area. After the service at the St Nicholas church, Eydon everyone made there way back to crockwell farm for some party time. After the group photos, drinks and canapes, I took the happy couple for a quick photography session around the beautiful gardens and fields. I love the unique shots against the shipping containers and the corn fields, definitely a couple for my portfolio there.

The rest of the wedding  day unfolded with so many laughs, it really was a fantastic wedding and one I will always remember, A big shout out to Ben and Lizzie for allowing me the creative freedom to capture their wedding at crockwell farm.


Wedding photographer at crockwell farm – Ian Worth

Venue – Crockwell farm



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My most common question! | What Gear I use !!!

One of the most common questions I get asked from wedding guests and clients is what gear  do I use. So I thought I would take this opportunity to write a short post addressing  this very question 🙂



my wedding photography gear



So at he beginning of 2017 I made the switch from Nikon to the Fuji mirror-less system and have not looked back since. It really is an unbelievable system and the lenses are out of this world.  I now shoot with two Fuji xt2’s and for the most part have my 50mm-140mm f2.8 fixed to the one on my right shoulder and the 23mm f1.4 prime on my left. For anyone thinking in full frame terms these are your 70mm-200mm f2.8 and 35mm f1.4 equivalents. This gives all the reach I need for 90% of the wedding day. The other 10% will be taken with the wider 18mm f2, but I only use this for interior shots or establishing shots and sometimes larger group shots if the need be.  I also use the battery grip on the camera with the 50mm – 140-mm as I find it helps balance the camera and does as it should, providing additional grip.

I use the fuji 16mm macro tube for getting in close for details and ring shots. I use this on the back of my 50mm-140mm f2.8 lens which gives me the perfect distance and flexibility for getting those all important shots.

Moving on to lighting.  I use Nissin i60A speed lights, which I have two of.  These are very compact flashes and also work with the air controller to give you off camera functionality. I also use a Youngnou 300 11 video light for when things get too dark and I need to light a space.

When the weather permits and I have the time, I bring the drone out for some establishing shots of the venue. I use the dji phantom 3 advanced but I am thinking about moving to the Mavic soon, only because of portability reasons.

My bag is the awesome think tank airport navigator. So I never thought I would find the perfect camera bag for weddings until 2 years ago when I came across this bag from Think Tank.  It’s certainly not cheap, but it just fits everything in so well and makes everything accessible within seconds. Its not too heavy and has wheels and retractable pull handle. It even fits in the overhead bins on most aircraft which is a massive plus.  Thumbs up to Think Tank

Memory cards – not the most exciting thing in the world to talk about but probably the most important. I have used lots of different brands over the years but for the last three years have settled with Sandisk. They have very reliable cards and I use the 32gb Extreme pro with a 300mb/s write speed which speeds up the work flow some what and allows for shooting 4k video if needed.

If I’m shooting video as well, then I bring along my Giottos tripod with the Manfrotto video head,  sound recording gear and the feyu tech gimbal.

So that really is what I bring along to most of my wedding shoots, its a system that has worked really well for me this year. Everything is now a lot lighter than it was when I used the Nikon d800 and lenses, which definitely  helps with fatigue. For my photography editing I use adobe lightroom and photoshop and adobe premier for my video editing.


I have put together a list for you which will give you more information about the gear I use, if you click on the link  you will be able to take a look at the cost and read reviews about each item.

My cameras | Fuji xt2

My zoom lens  |  50mm -140mm f2.8

Prime lens  |  23mm f1.4

Prime lens  |  18mm f2

Battery grip  |  Fuji booster grip

Macro tube  |  16 mm macro tube

Speed lights  |  Nissin i60a

speed light controller  |  Nissin air commander

video light  |  Youngnuo 300

Drone  |  DJI Phantom 3 advanced

Camera bag  |  Think tank airport navigator

Memory cards  |  Sandisk extreme pro 32 gb

tripod  |  Giottos tripod

video head  |  Manfrotto video head

If you have any questions about my gear, please leave me a comment below and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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Childerley Hall Wedding Photography | Yashi & Matthew

An enjoyable day of wedding photography at Childerley hall in Cambridgeshire. Mathew and Yashi were great fun to work with and their day was filled with laughter and dancing. Their autumn wedding at Childerley hall- a grade II listed manor house with moated gardens was a very interesting venue to shoot.  Feel free to take a look at their special day below.
Childerley Hall Wedding photography
The day started at Knapwell wood farm where the wedding party got ready, before moving onto the wedding venue- Childerley hall. Mathew took his guests into the Elizabethan chapel for a pre-drinks reception and canopes, whilst Yashi and her girls were putting the finishing touches to their outfits and makeup .
The wedding service at Childerley hall was held in the bottom end of the huge Victorian long barn whilst the wedding breakfast and reception, also at Childerley hall were held in the top section. Having one venue for the service and reception made the day flow seamlessly.
After the service, we took a stroll around the stunning gardens so I could photograph the happy couple before re-joining their guests inside the long barn for the wedding reception.
The evening was a vibrant affair. Many of Yashi’s family had made the long journey all the way from India to celebrate with the couple, and the evening was a whirl of Salsa dancing and Bangra. All in all it was very lively and enjoyable Day.
Many thanks to Yashi, matthew and all the lovely staff at childerley for making me feel so welcome on this very special occasion.
Wedding photographer at childerley hall : Ian Worth
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Dodmoor House Wedding Photography | Sinead & Kadeem

If you are looking for Dodmoor house wedding photography please stop by and take a look at Sinead and Kadeem’s winter wedding at this lovely venue.


Dodmoor house wedding photography

Sinead and Kadeem’s wedding took place in January this year and was a proper winters’ day, with super cold temperatures, frosty grass and golden sunlight. I Love winter weddings and this was no exception. The day started at Sinead’s parents house which was set in a fantastic rural setting not to far away from quinton church where the ceremony was to take place.  Sinead and her father made their way to st John the Baptist church in style in the immaculate silver Austin princess vintage car. They arrived bang on time to celebrate with their family members that had travelled the country to be there.

After the service the happy couple moved on to the lovely Dodmoor house wedding venue which is a cracking place with really friendly staff.  If you are looking for an exclusive hire, barn venue, I would highly recommend Dodmoor as this beautiful, grade 2, listed building and barns feels perfect for a rural wedding. Set within 4 acres of landscaped gardens, Dodmoor house overlooks the grand union canal and rolling Northamptonshire countryside.  Sinead, Kadeem and guests enjoyed live music and fine dining throughout the rest of the day. We even managed to get outside for a brief while for some portrait shots, but with sub zero temperatures it wasn’t long before we headed back to the warmth of the main barn.  We finished the day off with a sparkler exit which was easily put together by the Dodmoor staff  who helped everyone light their sparklers and making sure things ran smoothly, top marks to Dodmoor 🙂

Many thanks to Sinead and Kadeem and everyone at Dodmoor house for making me feel very welcome and allowing me the creative freedom to capture this lovely winter wedding.

Wedding photography at Dodmoor house by Ian Worth

Venue Dodmoor house

If you are planning a wedding and would like more information about the services I offer please click HERE TO GET IN TOUCH.


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